Checklist untuk nur adelia,persediaan untuk umur adelia 6BULAN.

assalamualaikum.. hye peeps.

1. Philip avent combined steamer and blender.

retail price :: RM459.

Steam, flip, blend and serve Nourishing kids with Philips AVENT Combined Steamer and Blender: first steam fruit, vegetables, fish or meat and then simply lift and flip the jar over to blend it, with no transfer of food required! Nutritious meals made easy • Compact design for easy storage • Easy water filling • Steam and flip jar over to blend • Few parts to clean Prepares baby food for every stage of weaning • Also blends meat, fish and pulses • Powerful blending performance • Suitable for sauces and finger food Helps preserve nutrients & texture • Retains cooking liquids • Efficient steam cycle Includes recipes & information on weaning • 12 age-appropriate recipes • Professional advice

 2.Bumbo baby seat.
retail price :: RM200 with tray

Why Bumbo?
The Bumbo is manufactured to the highest safety standards from low-density foam material, which makes it lightweight and portable. It is soft and comfortable for the baby, safe, hygienic and non-toxic. The integral outer skin of the material is durable and easy to clean.

The Bumbo Baby Sitter is versatile and can be used safely and conveniently anywhere on any level surface, and is definitely the extra set of hands you have always been looking for the perfect gift for that special occasion.

The seat does not require any uncomfortable straps or fasteners. It gives a wonderfully new way to ensure maximum interaction and enjoyable communication with your child. Depending upon the individual development of the child, some babies will be able to climb out of the bumbo, so never leave your child unattended. 

Multiple Award Winner:
- iParenting Media Awards 2003 in the USA
- Best New Product 2003 Awards UK
- A Winner of Design Institute Industrial Design Award 2002
- A Winner of Design Institute Engineering Award 2002
- Winner of South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) Chairman's Award for Excellence

Recommended Age: 3 months and up
NOTE: Prevent Falls; Never use on any elevated surface.

3. slow cooker for baby.

harga retail :: RM84
brand panasonic.
paling murah brand morgan.

yang nie untuk masak porigge untuk nur adelia.
bentuk dia pun kecik ja sebab 1.5L
senang nak bawa balik kampung or ke mana-mana.

4.naforye up up stairs dining chair.

retail price :: RM79

For little ones aged 6 months to 2 years.

The size of the cushion is compact and convenient to carry to anywhere. It is also easy for storage and space saving.
You can use it at any time and any place, without worrying about the availability and cleanliness of the kid’s high chairs outside. You can simply bring it along to anywhere and use it anytime you need.
Inside the cushion cover, it is finished with extra soft foam giving more comfort when your kid sits on it. The cover of the cushion is made of pure cotton; you can take it off for laundry at ease to maintain the cleanliness.
The 3D shape and the safety belt in front can hold your kid on the chair safely and comfortably. It can prevent your kid from slipping down and standing up, so it’s very convenient when feeding the kid. We strongly recommend you to dine with your kid at the dining table to let him/her learn good table manners from young, with the aid of up-up stair dining chair cushion, it makes things easier for you.
FORMALDEHYDE-FREE and AZO-FREE, safe for baby and the environment.

barang -barang dekat atas nie aku akan beli one by one..setiap bulan nak try beli satu barang.sebab husband setiap bulan ada baget untuk nur adelia.
setiap bulan RM100 untuk nur adelia.
tak termasuk pampers semua.

aku pun syukur a;hamdulillah,dah ada income sikit-sikit berniaga collect order nie kan.
duit yang aku dapat tue memang aku spend untuk nur adelia dengan barang rumah sikit-sikit.

bila buat list macamni aku tau mana nak salurkan duit yang ada...
beli sikit-sikit kan.
nanti adelia dah masuk 6bulan terus boleh guna.




Wawa said…
aah wat cenggitu ga la...tkde la byk sgt wetr kuar nti...
ana liyana said…
blog piya dah jadi tempat wajib ana kunjungi.. nak study sket2 psl baby... hehehe
YanaHime said…
blender n steamer tu yg menarik perhatian...
Mimy Hamid said…
bagusnyaaa piya...akak jugak tak plan...redah jekk..bumboo seat dah beli tunggu 6 bulan ni pakai...blender pakai kawen nya la huhuh..jimat..dapat 3 tuu..xpe piya good budget
Lina said…
Tq...bagus la info nie...

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